The impact the MOTHER trilogy had on me is one of the strongest I've experienced from any game series.
They have a certain warmth about them that has the ability to make you feel nostalgic even if you've never played any of them as a kid.
Shigesato Itoi put a lot of heart and soul into these games and it shows.

Many people skip over MOTHER 1/EarthBound Beginnings, but its very much worth playing in my opinion!
I'm not very good at most NES games myself but I've completed the game several times! I love the simple graphics and melancholy feel of the overworld!

MOTHER2/EarthBound is the most well-known entry and most peoples' introduction to the trilogy.
The character development and darker elements seen in the other two games aren't as prevelant in this one, but its cheerful humor, bright graphics, and 90's nostalgia are where it shines!

MOTHER3 is a masterpiece! It's known for having the most tragic elements and the most complex story overall.
Gameplay-wise, its battle system has a rhythm element which is both unique and a lot of fun!

This series has only three games, but they are all exemplary works.
I highly recommend all three to anyone who has yet to experience any of them!

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