Some other places you can find me online, as well as various websites I really like!

My stuff:

main Twitter
art/doodle Twitter
main Tumblr
art Tumblr

Friends' stuff:

Husband's art
3 Halves Games
Cecy's Writings
Ollie's site
The Duenkhy

Favorite subreddits:

Found Paper
Game Physics
Googly Eyes
Urban Exploration
Blurry Pictures of Dogs
Guilty Dogs

Favorite YouTube channels:

Vinesauce: The Full Sauce (Game streams)
Pannenkoek2012 (Super Mario 64 game mechanics and TAS challenges)
brutalmoose (Video games, food, nostalgic memorabilia reviews)
PatMac (Video game merch reviews)
Steve1989 (MRE reviews)
Whang! (Lost media, various Internet history and mysteries)

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